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The U-Haul Federal Credit Union is YOUR financial institution. You are a member and an owner. Your Membership Savings Account represents your ownership in the Credit Union. As a member, you can trust our dedication to providing better, more personal services to you.

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Enjoy the everyday convenience of a credit card while saving on interest with an extended low introductory rate. You could save on interest and pay down your other credit card balances faster. Get the flexibility to pay in full or pay down over time.

Message Board

  • Our loan processing system is experiencing issues. We are working to resolve the issues and will get us back up as soon as possible. If you have submitted any loan requests recently, please be assured as soon as we are back up, we will continue with processing. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • QCL Notice

    U-Haul Federal Credit Union has finalized its annual audit. It has come to our attention that members may be eligible for a refund(s) of the $50.00 Quick Cash Loan application fee. Refunds will be processed over the next 90 days beginning February 1, 2024. Active membership accounts will receive deposits directly into their U-Haul Credit Union accounts. Accounts that no longer have active membership will receive checks via mail. All questions or concerns will be addressed via email only at

  • Our office will be closing at 11:00 am on 12/26/2023, and will resume regular business hours on 12/27/2023.

  • New Loan Rates

    Dear Membership, Effective January 1, 2024, the secured loan rates will be increased. Please see the updated Rate Sheet. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at (602) 263-6655 or email

  • QCL Notice

    Attention Members: If you paid off your QCL after 05/23/2022 then you still might have had a payroll deduction that went into your account. If you were supposed to have your first payroll deduction come into your account for 06/02/2022 then please check to see if it came through to pay on the QCL.

  • Payroll Deductions

    We are aware that there is currently an issue with payroll deductions and that we are actively looking into this matter and will update the message board as soon as we get this issue resolved.

  • Process error

    Good morning fellow team member, 

     We identified a process error involving your U-Haul Federal Credit Union loan amount that has impacted results on your current paycheck.  We corrected the error through a special payroll process and have refunded the amount through an additional direct deposit.  Your additional deposit is in process now with banking institutions.  Your refund should be available to you tomorrow.

  • Payroll Deduction Notice

    You may have noticed that your payroll deduction is now going into your savings account. This happened because your payroll deduction was converted to a payroll election and for technical reasons had to be directed to this account. You now have the ability to Add, Change or Delete these elections through If you feel the election should have gone into your Checking or is missing, please click on Learn More for more information.

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  • Recent Changes

    Dear membership, It is our goal to keep the fees for our services as competitive as possible while still charging enough to make these services available. However, because of increases in the marketplace for banking services, it is sometimes necessary to adjust our rates to compensate. Effective December 1, 2021 the WIRE transfer fee and the Western Union fee will be going up to $20. We will also be launching a new way to transfer funds between your bank accounts – ACH Origination. There will be a $7.00 fee for this service and if we process your request before 1pm the funds will be transferred in the same day. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

  • SmartDollar Financial Wellness Benefit

    U-Haul Credit Union has teamed up with U-Haul International to help team members who have enrolled in the SmartDollar financial wellness benefit. The credit union will waive the $5.00 membership fee when you join the credit union once you have created your SmartDollar account. All active U-Haul Team members are eligible to participate.

    Maria Hidalgo – Retirement Benefits

    Financial Wellness U-Haul International, Inc.
    602-263-6811 ~ Ext# 530102