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The U-Haul Federal Credit Union is YOUR financial institution. You are a member and an owner. Your Membership Savings Account represents your ownership in the Credit Union. As a member, you can trust our dedication to providing better, more personal services to you.

Autos for Sale

One of the great benefits of being a member with the U-Haul Federal Credit Union is that we have numerous vehicles that are for sale to our customers.

Click the link below to see if there is a vehicle that’s right for you!

Harkins Movie Tickets

Harkins Movie Tickets are now available for purchase at the U-Haul Federal Credit Union. Only $9.00 for Ultimate VIP Tickets! *AZ residents only. Funds must be available in savings account at the time of purchase. Members must be present at CU for all purchases.

Message Board
  • ATIRA Mastercard

    The credit card offered through ATIRA (the vendor for U-Haul Credit Union) mastercard service has changed to ELAN Financial Services.  Members who currently have a mastercard with ATIRA will be receiving correspondence from the new ELAN Financial Services to verify various information as well as let you know what will take place going forward with your new card.  Please respond to ELAN for a smooth process.  Please call Cardmember Service at 1-800-249-0646 if you have any questions.  Thank you.

  • Inactive Accounts Notice

    U-Haul Credit Union will be notifying members whose accounts have become inactive for 1 year or longer.  If you receive this notice in your member statements, please respond to the credit union. You can activate your account by making a deposit or withdrawing funds.  The notice gives you options.  If after 3 years your account remains dormant, we are required to send your account balance to the State of Arizona (Escheat Law). If you have any questions, contact the Credit Union at 602-263-6655.

  • Vehicle Purchase or Re-Finance

    Your Credit Union can Re-Finance your new or used vehicle with rates as low as 3.25% (new) and 3.99% (used). Rate Match available.- Restrictions apply. We also offer $100 OFF GAP coverage with purchase of a new warranty. Credit Life and Disability insurance offered and can be added to your loan payments as well. Please call us at 602-263-6655 or visit the Credit Union website for additional details.


    Please keep your account up to date with your latest address and contact information directly with the credit union.  You will need to complete an address change form and submit this to the credit union along with proof of new address (utility billing, cell phone bill, credit card statement, etc.)  This is one way to protect your account and information to be safe.. The address change form is located on our website home page under e-services tab.

  • Supervisory Committee Membership Audit

    The U-Haul Credit Union Supervisory Committee is conducting a verification of member accounts. Any discrepancies should be reported to the Supervisory Committee at the following address : SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON, ALBERT R BLANCO III 2727 N CENTRAL AVE PHOENIX AZ 85004. We will consider the balance correct unless you notify us within 10 days.

  • Credit Union New Location

    U-Haul Credit Union moved to our new office on Monday July 24th, 2017. New address is 2700 N 3rd Street, Suite 1000 – A Phoenix AZ 85004. Phone numbers will remain the same.

    Please bear with us as we all get acquainted with our new space. When visiting the new location, please park in designated Visitors Parking Only. Thank you..

  • 2017 Financial Resolutions

    (7)Keep your Credit Union accounts updated with your latest Address / Email changes / Beneficiary and or Joint Owners listed on your accounts.

    (6)When buying a new or used vehicle, get Pre-approved with your U-Haul Credit Union before heading out to the dealers. We offer GAP and Warranty’s usually cheaper than car dealers!!

    (5)Pull your credit report at  See what creditors see when applying for a loan!! Dispute items that are incorrect.

    (4)Create a Budget and stick to it.  Review your spending habits to see where you can eliminate excess such as Gym membership VS taking your puppy for a walk / Night out at the movies VS Net Flix and home made popcorn!!

    (3)Refinance your Auto Loan to save time and money with Lower Rates!  Have the payments automatically deducted from your payroll check.  Once the loan is paid off – continue with the deductions for a Healthy Financial future.

    (2)Sign up for E-statements  / Save $1.00 on the monthly paper fee / AND Help Save The Planet by de-cluttering your house to get a head start on Spring Cleaning!!

    (1)Start off the New Year with a shorter Bucket List!! – Open a Christmas Club account to save for the Holidays!! Payroll deduction available…


    E-Statements!!!!  Please enroll for Online Banking then OPT IN for E-STATEMENTS under the Customer Member Center tab. If you have more than one (1) account number such as Regular Savings and an SSA account, you must enroll all accounts individually.  Verify your Personal Email address is correct or add one by selecting the Personal Information link so the Credit Union can notify you that statements are available online. GO GREEN! You can still receive a Paper Statement in the mail, but there will be a $1.00 charge per month after Jan 1, 2017.

    There is no need to re-enroll for Online Banking if you already have online access but must OPT IN to receive E-STATEMENTS


    U-Haul Federal Credit Union new website is LIVE!! but still under construction.. If you are having difficulty with the new features, please try using a different web browser such as Google Chrome . You can still access online banking on the Home Page – Top of Screen – Sign In.. Thank you for your patience while we work through this.


    A D & D Insurance Premiums are deducted from your savings accounts on the first day of the month every 3 months – March / June / September / and December. Please be sure to have funds available in your account at that time for the Premium. Thank you.